Hanada Laboratory

     Last Update Feb. 4, 2019

This page contains the information about the Hanada Laboratory, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Saga University.

The main purposes of our research are to construct systems concerning to clinical medicine, welfare, and healthcare, using ICT.
Systems not only for hospitals or healthcare fields, but for fields related to clinical medicine or healthcare will be the target of our research.


Staff: Professor Eisuke Hanada
Students: One graduate student, and Five senior students


Name: Eisuke Hanada, Dr. Eng.
Title: Professor
Email Address: hanada@cc.saga-u.ac.jp
Office: Room 602B, (on the 6th floor) in No. 6 (DC) Building of the Faculty of Science and Engineering
Previous Occupation: Vice-dirctor, an associate professor, Shimane University Hospital
(He has worked in University Hospitals for 18 and a half years. Also, he had been a sysetm engineer for bank systems in NEC Corp.)

Main research themas of Prof. Hanada

  1. Electromagnetic environment in medicine, Safe and secure introduction of wireless communication into hospitals
  2. Telemedicine systems and Regional patient information sharing
  3. Development of ICT systems along needs of medical/welfare staff

Themes of research for graduate students (current and past)

Themes of the graduation research (current and past)

Not decided clearly, but as follows;
If you find any mistakes in this page, please notice to Prof. Hanada.

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